Welcome to Sugarloaf Farm

We offer kids and adults the opportunity to experience horses in a relaxed and safe environment. Our goals are to teach quality horsemanship and solid riding skills. We have the experienced lesson ponies and horses to do that and the instructors to make it a reality.

This is the Sugarloaf Farm office and barn located at South Bay Horse Ranch.

Covid 19 lesson adaptation

Jul 17, 2020

There is a change in the way we teach now because of Covid 19.  It used to be that the pony would go in two back to back lessons, with one child getting the pony ready and the next child putting the pony away.  We are no longer doing that.  Each child will now get their pony ready, ride and then put the pony away.  We are scheduling an hour for this and have increased the price to $60 per lesson or $540 for 10.  The upside is that we are in less of a hurry.  The downside is that there are fewer lesson slots in a day.  

Camp in the time of Covid-19

Jun 16, 2020

We now have an outdoor functioning sink which is a wonderful addition to our lives.  Obviously it was installed for hand washing during camp but to be honest it's useful for many things.  

Crafts in masks is doable when all the kids want to work together.  We can do this.


Santa Clara County will allow summer camps from Friday June 5

Jun 01, 2020

"Summer camps and educational activities like summer school will now be allowed for all kids in stable groups of 12 — not just children of essential workers"   June 1, San Jose Mercury News

Sugarloaf Farm has modified its summer camp program to do everything it can to keep the kids safe from Covid-19 while giving them the opportunity to be outside with their peers enjoying the horses.  Our camp kid numbers have been reduced to 8 with 4 adults to instruct and supervise.  

Birthday Parties

May 27, 2020

Sugarloaf Farm is no longer offering birthday parties.  

Summer Camp Update

May 14, 2020

Sugarloaf Farm is adapting to the covid-19 pandemic.  Kids want to have a fun summer and what could be better than a small stable group of kids in the great outdoors.  We have reduced the number of kids that we will accept per week from 10 to 8.  We will not have the group activities that we have offered in previous years.  Instead of the group art and craft activity we will separate the kids so that each child has a second riding lesson every day.   Vaulting is still a go on Tuesdays.  The first week of camp, June 8th has been canceled.  The other five weeks are currently a go.

April 2020 Update

Apr 09, 2020

Sugarloaf Farm is not offering riding lessons at this time.  The shelter in place order has been extended through the end of April.  While the ponies and horses would love to see you and I know they would do your heart and soul good, we have to keep everyone safe during these difficult days.

Please know that the ponies and horses are being fed and checked on every day.  The lucky kids that are amongst the first to groom them will find themselves covered in hair.  The ponies, Sam and I will be ready to welcome existing and new clients when we can.  Take care